Shower Massage

Text for an unforgettable shower massage. Don’t waste time on a table shower. Here’s why.

shower massage, Shower Massage

What’s a Shower Massage?

Next to a nuru massage, or body to body massage, this has to be the best way to finish your time with that lovely Asian girl. So much to look forward to. This definitely answers the question: should I get fully undressed for my massage or wear my underwear. I guess you could wear your underwear in the shower, lol. But you’d be missing out on getting really clean. And much happier afterwards.

Most will get a shower massage at the end of their appointment. Maybe you’ve already had your happy ending. Or more. Either way, you are covered in oil, and the hot water will do wonders to wash it away. Your masseuse is also washing you down and in the most intimate places, too.

Why Not Get a Table Shower Massage?

Well, that is a whole different thing. It is a shallow tub located in a massage parlor or spa. The masseuse will use a hand held sprayer to wash you down. Sorry, no soap. Sorry, the room may be too cold. Worse, she won’t be naked in there with you. And you have to drive to the massage parlor. Very different from a shower massage. It’s not all bad news, just different.

Going to a massage parlor has its own benefits and difficulties. Besides the problem of getting there, you can’t usually choose your masseuse. There’s not much privacy. It’s not a real shower. Worse, by the time you pay the house for the massage, then the girl for her services, you may be out the same amount of money for a whole lot less service.

Let the masseuse come to you with outcall service

You’ll get the most service for the price. There’s no travel. You’ll have full privacy. You control the time and what you get in that time. Best, you won’t hear the guy on the next room! Text us now for the shower massage you’ll talk about for years. 702-985-8120.

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