In My Hotel Room

Asian Massage in My Hotel Room

I get an Asian outcall massage in my hotel room every time I stay in Las Vegas. It is just the most enjoyable thing I do there. I like that it’s a sure thing. For example, I could win or often lose if I play cards or a slot machine. But I always win when I get an Asian hottie for a massage and play. And I get a heck of a lot more pleasure for the same money as I would gamble with.

So many options!

In my hotel room, In My Hotel Room

You have so many more options compared to going to a massage parlor. When I get an outcall Asian massage in my hotel room I can specify just what I want. For example, what the girl looks like, how long I want her for, what services I prefer, and so on. I can even ask for two girls! Hint; give it a try, it’s fun. So I have the best time. Leading me to wonder if maybe I should spend more time with the girls and less in the casino, lol.

As opposed to going to a massage parlor, this is heaven. You can see that at a spa you really are at the mercy of who is working that time and what their policies are. What you want may not be available. Obviously it is much less private. Resulting in a much less satisfying time that still may cost the same or more.

I’m planning my next adventure

My next adventure with an Asian outcall massage in my hotel room, that is. First, I’ll have two girls. Then at least one will do a body to body or nuru massage. For sure we’ll finish with both girls soaping me clean in the shower. Any thoughts on what we should do in between? Stay tuned!

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