Asian Massage Hints

Asian Massage Hints

I wrote Asian massage hints to help those new to Asian massage. So that you can have a better time with your Asian girl. You may pay a little or a lot, but having some help will get you more of what you want. And, hopefully, less of what you don’t.

A good hint to start is to figure out what you want. Firstly, you are in clear communication with your sexy companion. Secondly, the girl will not always offer all her services because of the law. So you will need to ask for it. Thirdly, you will be much happier if all your wishes are fulfilled. It’s better to ask and have her say no than to wish you had said something but she has already left.

More Things to Consider

Here are some more Asian massage hints to know. You really need to know how much to tip. Because this is really what the girl gets to keep. Also because this is where you are paying for more of her time. Also known as other services. For example, the basic massage is $100. That $100 probably just covers her expenses. It might all go to the service with nothing for her. So you need to leave a very healthy tip. But then what if you want a happy ending? Or body to body rub? Or…?

This is where the bargaining starts. Because every additional service has a tip associated with it. So it’s best to do this over the phone before she arrives, if you can. But there is one more Asian massage hint that is equally important.

One More Thing

The last is, Be Nice! This may be the most important. Because when you are nice you’ll find your masseuse being nicer too. Resulting in a happier time and maybe a little extra thrown in too. It works in life. And works great in your hotel room too.

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